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About Metro Muskies

Hello, I am Dave Jackson. Thanks for checking out my site. Let me tell you a little about my experience on the water.

Fishing has always been my escape… a time to enjoy nature, find peace on the water, and get in touch with God. My dad taught me how to fish at a young age; we spent a lot of time together catching trout and largemouth bass in Wisconsin. Through all those adventures and casts, he instilled in me his passion for spending time in the great outdoors. 

In 1988, I went muskie fishing for the first time with my buddy, Steve. We only saw one muskie that day. Even though it merely chased my lure, that one fish changed my life. I went home and told my dad I wanted to start fishing muskies, and he did everything he could to encourage my passion, starting with the purchase of a boat. He and I caught 9 muskies that first summer, and it was clear that muskies had him hooked too. He soon bought a cabin on a northern Wisconsin muskie lake. We fished a ton and boated well over 100 muskies together.

My desire to catch muskies soon expanded beyond Wisconsin's borders. I started fishing metro Minnesota lakes with friends and decided in 2000 that I needed to share the muskie fishing experience with more people. Soon after, Metro Muskies LLC was born.

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